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Week 2: June 5-11

Thursday, June 5

By Thursday morning my commute was becoming more routine. As usual we started the day with a coffee and a chat. Now that I had computer access at work I was able to import the pictures off of my camera for the first blog post. For lunch we went to a restaurant that had pizza, burgers, and doner sandwiches. We called in to order the food and when we walked over it was sitting at a table waiting for us. I wish we had this kind of service in America! I tried the salama pizza. It had mushrooms and slices of what looked like ham, but was translated to salami. The pizza was on a thin crust with more cheese and less sauce than American pizza. Since I did not have an assignment yet, I spent the afternoon working on the first blog post.

Jalaj and I had been asked to meet with a few of the IAESTE members late Thursday afternoon. Haris brought us to the university campus for a...

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Week 1: May 28-June 4

First Impression

Wednesday, May 28

I sat in the airplane looking out the window at the clouds below us. I was nervous, and had no idea what to expect from Sarajevo. When searching online for information about the city I was confronted by the brutality of the Bosnian War, and the rich history of the Balkans. I had only been able to find a few videos and blogs about the current state of the city. They painted Sarajevo as a vibrant city with a tasteful mix of old and new. A cultural melting pot that accepted all people, regardless of religion or origin. The people were determined to put the past behind them, but not to forget.

The loud speaker crackled to life, first announcing in Turkish, then repeating in Bosnian and English. “Please return your seat-backs and tray tables to their upright and locked position and make sure all luggage is stowed in the overhead bins or beneath the seat...

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